Monthly service plan

Paid in advance each month for 4 preventive maintainance visits ( 1 per week) without extra transport/labour charges. Service plans costs less money than being charged for repairs each time your pool or soccer table requires attention. Weekly preventive maintainance visits keeps your coin operated table running better from week to week and reduces risk of costly repair jobs.

Pool cleaning, tune up and levelling

Cleaning, tuning and levelling your table is likely to be the most important and usually responsible for maintaining your high quality table. The table often accumulates dirt on the cloth small particles and other unwanted items, has that unwanted drift and or needs a touch to make it the first choice table for playing pool.From a special brush used to sweep the debris off the table and any debris or lint from the edges and around the pockets Premier Billiards makes it the perfect place to make that one time shot.

Pool cloth and cushion re-cover.

Manufactured on highly specialized machinery built specifically to produce top quality billiards cloth, high end cloth is fitted to your table.As if thats not enough uality cushions are fitted to give that perfect table you can lean on when you need to play.

Pool coin mechanism repair and re-fit.

Money Maker! Coin mechanisms that work right are like the goose that lays the golden eggs, and we've got them all, basic Slide type or fancy shmancy Straight 6 type, plus the matching token coins. Kerching!

Pool corner repair and re-fit.

Don't feel cornered, we've got lots of corners, not for kicking though!

Pool cue stick/tip repair and re-fit.

From the best experince cue stick to show off that backspin we can get that rider back in his saddle.Tip Time! Here's a good tip for you - a good cue tip is connected to a good cue stick, and a good cue stick is connected to a good cue game player. You can't cue a shot without a tip can you? We have the tips you need, whether you like push-on, screw-on, 10mm, 11mm or 12mm!

Pool cushion re-rubber and re-cover.

If cushions where potatoes ours would be the sweet ones, we do put that bounce back to that cushion for that motion and cover that that cushion to show you we got you covered

Pool pocket and gully boot repair.

You dont want to play hide and seek with our pockets and gullies beacause items like these are hard to find, we have your pockets so that you can pocket some

Pool lamp installation.

Bright Lights Overhead. What's a pool table without a lamp canopy? Stop shooting in the dark and switch on to our 3-lamp pool canopies that put the focus on your game play!, let us fit that to lighten up your spot.

Pool runner and channels repair.

For that smooth movement of the ball we fix pool runners and channels to make sure that table does not catch any feelings or balls

Pool foot and leg repair - per side.

Every good table needs legs to walk with you in your pool journey we handle pool table foot and leg reapir.

Pool ball tray repair - per side.

Whats a rack without a tray we handle something as littel as table trays to give the player the best breaking experience.

Pool carcass and top door repair - per side.

Did we mention we can raise the dead? we fix pool table carcasses and top door repair per side

Pool state repair and re-fit.

In prestine condition is what your table should remain in, therefore for that state go no further than our top of the shelf restoration and maintance.

Soccer rod and man repair and re-fit.

For every soccer player there is an injury that ruins the rest of the season for the team, do not allow that happen with our on time delivery of soccer rod and man repair and re-fit

Soccer playfield and score counter repair.

The turf is where it all happens, be it Stamford Bridge or Camp Nou the playing field needs to be on point, make it a point to utilize our soccer playfield and score counter repair

Soccer exterior/interior component repair.

Beauty from the inside out we also handle soccer exterior/interior component repair